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Re: Can you please help my future mother in - law

Originally Posted by COMET View Post
My future mother in law is having hell of problems lately she got fired from her work we are all afraid for her mental health right now . when i say we i mean me and my girlfriend. Her daughter is the girl i know i'm going to marry and me and her mom are close. She is like mom to me so we are all hoping for the best.

Can you guys help me with what is causing her so many problems in her chart? She is having repeat nervous breakdowns and high hypertension and doc says she might have gastric cancer . it is a compilation of problems and my girl's father is suffering from dementia so "mom" 's looking after everyone . Now she's lost her job we are all scared for her mental being.

Please you guys my love life and family are in your hands. Now i want my girl to know that I'm family and that am there for her and everyone at this crucial time. She and mom are family to me so will you please help us find out what is wrong with mom and how we can all help her through it all. I put the transits just to cover all basis.

Her birth time is unknown. Nobody knows what it is not even her. her ascendant sign for 12 is in gemini but she has rounded face like a cancer ascendant but her personality is like that of a gemini ascendant individual .

I asked my girl and her mom's permission to do this they know that i'm only trying to be a good future son in law

This is very difficult for her because the transits have been in retrograde. Right now their are six of them. Retrogrades in my personal experience is digging in your subconscious mind, bringing up the surface what needs to be healed, faced, dealt with in life.

Thinking patterns, behavior patterns, past karma with family,friends, education, government, religion/spiritual, culture.

With Pisces this is water and emotion. Ruled by Neptune. Which is illusion, fantasy, fictions, dreams, what's hidden behind the scenes. What you once believed, may not be the way the world is today.

It can be easy for her to escape her emotional and mental pain with foreign substances, addictions, and wanting out of her pain body.

Scorpio is more water which is ruled by Pluto and Mars. Pluto is the destroyer, breaking down the old life, collapsing belief systems that may be not be her personal truth anymore. Emotional attachments to money, materialism, relationships, jobs, can bring on grief, depression. Scorpio is about purification and purging the soul. Transformation, regeneration, evolution of the soul, and rising out of the ashes. Scorpio is water and emotion.

Taurus is the polarity pole of Scorpio. Taurus/Scorpio is both heavy and becomes depression sometimes individuals. It also is money, wealth, sex, so it can be heavy at times. Taurus is nurturing, understanding, compassionate, empathetic, but can also be dragging you down because it's earth.

Virgo Pluto in their can be perfectionism with self identity. Needing to be validated, approval from others, and we Virgo Pluto's have to change, because as they say Generation X leaders are stepping up in the world at the moment. We have a habit of helping everyone, but ourselves. People pleasing. Holding everything inside because we were usually told to be seen an not heard. North Node Virgo/South Node Pisces may be bothering her at the moment because it's hitting her Pisces and Virgo houses which actually work together as one unit and need to be balanced and integrated. It's in retrograde which takes her backwards in her thoughts to the past.

The Pluto: This may have to do with her experiencing this transformation within herself as a soul. Since Baby Boomers (Leo Pluto) were more about having us obey the rules, regulations, fit in, be obedient, play by certain rules in society that are no longer working. Since 2008 that rules have changed. Letting go of these patterns and allowing herself to be liberated and free to be her authentic self.

Virgo Pluto Generation has had to unlearn everything they were taught by Baby Boomers, and this is intense deep emotional house cleaning, re-educating ourselves, healing the past with family dysfunction, friends, co-workers, and romantic partners.

This is mostly grief of losses materialistically, job wise, finding out she may have cancer, and as you stated someone close to her is not well.
This can be difficult when their is so much grief and loss.

There are the normal five stages of grief. Anger, Bargaining, Denial, Depression, Acceptance. This is probably what she's going through. The best thing to do is allow her to speak about her feelings and actively listen. Maybe cheer her up with flowers or tea or something. Play some calm relaxing music or nature sounds. I'm not sure if she's into meditation but there are some self-guided ones you tube. Other things you can do is watch a movie with her, or do some artistic project to get her mind off things.
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