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Re: My Neptune 5H transit and his 7H Neptune

I had responded, but it must've got deleted. Looking back though the transits when things were the worst with my mom, I'm seeing jupiter nearing DC, uranus in the center of 5th house, pluto end of 2nd, almost 3rd and saturn in 12th. I have natal pluto residing there. She didnt die until several years after. The past few years have been a readjustment to life not having to worry about anything eith regard to her. Life's relatively peaceful by comparison.

Honestly though, I'm more concerned with the future. As an "uber newb" I have no idea how to tell what angles the transiting planets have with my natal planets. Nor do I know how to tell how his transits will affect our relationship. I obviously have a lot to learn still, but I have to start somewhere.
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