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Re: Chances...

Originally Posted by eekndyn View Post
With a separating aspect with the future location. You moved on. 12th house is 9th from the 4th. Travel, higher education maybe perhaps you hear of some sort of news around the 14th. ME and VE are in tandem til nov 1 when they break apart ME goes rx and VE travels on

Thank you so much for the reading. yes we are tied here for some reasons like finance, work and even the passports were expired lol last year itself and i did not notice it. so i will have to get it renewed and this would take upto 2-3 weeks from now.

more over we still haven't find any house at the future location. that's very frustrating. we have already told the present landlord that we will move out by oct 2-3rd week.

I do not understand the last 3 lines of your reply. did you mean that we will be able to move or not? sorry English is not my 1st language. would the time be favorable after nov 1st ?

once again thanks for your post.
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