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Re: Major US Study Says Red Meat Unhealthy/Lethal/Can Kill!!!

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Sure it can, if you choke on it. The real problem is all the anitbiotics, and genetic engineering that goes into the meat for the food industry.

Humans were able to develop their brain function by eating....animal fats. 50% of a newborn's caloric intake has to come from fat
A newborn cannot chew meat! Obviously fats are essential to the diet and these are obtainable from sources other than meat. e.g. oily fish, coconut fat, olive oil and a multitude of other vegetable oils

Few can afford organic meat.

The vast majority who cannot afford organic meat are forced to dine off a dead animal that has been fed all of its life with genetically engineered/pesticide sprayed foodstuffs while being injected with antibiotics/drugs that remain in its system and are dangerous to humans. Animals are cruelly slaughtered... when dying in fear animals release toxins into their body... the resulting nauseating mix is then ingested by the unsuspecting consumer.
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