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Re: Major US Study Says Red Meat Unhealthy/Lethal/Can Kill!!!

Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
fwiw according to a major US study, red meat is not only unhealthy but can be positively lethal. Apparently, the research shows regularly eating red meat - especially the processed variety - dramatically increases the risk of death from heart disease and cancer.

Each additional daily serving of processed red meat, equivalent to one hot-dog or two rashers of bacon, raised the chances of dying by a fifth.

source: Sky News
Wonderful post!

Ive been a vegetarian for nearly 5 years now, mostly because of researching this more. Its alarming how negatively meat can affect our bodies ---- and, of course, the act of killing another creature is terrible in itself (especially when it isnt even necessary for our survival).

Did you see the bilboard posted that says "Hot Dogs cause Butt Cancer" -- Its so tackless, but they're finally attempting to get the message across to the world.. though maybe a little too late..

An uncle of mine actually developed intestinal cancer 3 years ago, and his doctors blame his heavy meat-eating for his cancer!

Its too real. And yet, still, most people in this country are keeping themselves in denial..!

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