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Re: Major US Study Says Red Meat Unhealthy/Lethal/Can Kill!!!

Originally Posted by MaeMae View Post
it's because people (at least americans) eat so much of it in all it's twisted forms.
my grandfather slaughtered a pig and a steer each year ~ land living/eating ~ ate meat or pork everyday. never ate a fast food or packaged food, grew fruits and vegetables 'til he died at age 93 from prostate cancer.
perhaps it the way beef is raised, slaughtered and processed into all kinds of frozen conditions that leads to this study. prior to early 1960's ~ buying prepared pkg'd food at markets, other than bakery, was not common.
people have forgotten how to eat.
in the past year i've eaten more fried foods, meats and greases than in last 20 years. my body spoke up. meats are out of the question.
so many delicious options to meat these days.
I take it that your grandfather was a stranger to the menorah?

With all this s*** coming from the courts trying to tell us here in the States that we haven't the right to know where our food comes from and wheter it has been genetically modified or not. I realized the other day...
"Why Not Go Kosher?"
I may even convert...

Baruch Atah Adonai Ohev Amo Yisrael

...Edgar Cayce once said to worry more about what comes out of ones mouth than about what goes in it... lives as long as God has already ordained... The day, the hour, the minute [although, additional time may be obtained through Gods grace from those good acts you perform towards your fellow men...]

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