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Re: is it a third house matter?

Hi - Here are my thoughts :

Originally Posted by dd78 View Post

I rethought my questions and I think in ALL cases the underlying question is:

Are my impressions/observations/hypotheses etc.= thoughts concerning a person true or false ?

If you are asking about information and it's the information that you, as the querent has, then the truth or falsity can be judged from the 3rd House. It is not just for siblings. The rumour / thought/ gossip / communication becomes the quesited and is L3.

Deb Houlding has written ( has written that a badly afflicted 3rd House can indicate lies - and, in your case, this would be 'false thinking'.

There are other things to take into account - the angles, are they Fixed? Is the Moon and the Moon's dispositor in a Fixed Sign? If so - good. Solidity = Truth. But if the most of them are in mutable Signs, then you are not necessarily on the 'truth' track.
Also, Mercury is involved here as the general significator of all things to do with thought and/or impressions as you mention above. What is Mercury's condition? Retrograde? Combust? Cadent?
Keep it simple. Look at L3 and Moon and also Mercury : ask what they are doing, going towards.
I would certainly judge a chart using L3 unless it were a rumour / information coming from overseas, in which case, L9 could be used.
It seems to me that you're asking about whether you yourself are on the right track in your thinking. There is no one else involved in the truth or lie debate.


I`m I right or wrong about somebody (who can only be signified by 7th house - the ultimate other) ?

So it rather seems to be a third house question. YES, IT IS.

Third house is about rumors, statements and verbal information , so I`m not sure if it includes the querent`s own thoughts? YES. THEY DO.

Maybe I should use 7th from 3rd as questited = true or false (3rd) about somebody else (7th)? NOT NECESSARY.
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