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Re: Random presidential thoughts

Originally Posted by SunConjunctUranus View Post
My friend, be more respectful please.
Sometimes it is in my view respectful to not be respectful towards people who are not respectful because the intent behind being not respectful comes from a respectful base which creates a positive/respectful effect- which is the opposite of what the ratoids do where they are coming from a disrespectful base/intent and sometimes act respectful which creates a negative/disrespectful effect since the base/intent, which is the dominant force from my perspective of these two, is disrespectful regardless of outer superficial layers of seeming respect.

The ultimate would of course be both respect from intent resulting in respectful behavior, but again this world we are living in is not a through and through respectful place, and with disrespectful forces all over the place sometimes certain alterations to that ultimate may have to be made in my view in order to keep it respectful in regards to one self to oneself and in regards to oneself in relation to others.


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