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Re: Fixed Stars

Originally Posted by jessicazac View Post

Okay, I am kind of confused about the longitude and latitude mention.
I have the book, "Fixed Stars," by Bernadette Brady, but
I am still confused.

I am pretty new to aspects and fixed stars, so bear with me.
I have Jupiter in 12th house Virgo at 28.9 degrees, since

the regulus aspect is in 28.6 degrees 11th house Leo, would this
be a conjunction?
to be of any note
conjunctions to fixed stars
are not solely by Longitude
but also by


Originally Posted by jessicazac View Post

How exactly can you tell if something is in conjunction with fixed stars?

as I mentioned on a previous comment
there is an "additional tables pdf"
easily found exactly above top left of any chart
IF one clicks on that and links to it
one is easily able to view
the EXACT latitude, declination and longitude of natal planets and so on
confusion regarding the DECLINATION, LATITUDE, LONGITUDE of any Fixed Stars
is easily cleared by viewing constellations of words website
where these are listed in detail at
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