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Re: is it a third house matter?

Originally Posted by dd78 View Post
The questited in this type of question would be the ruler of the 4th radical house, instead of 7th (used for the "ultimate other"), right?
Hi dd78,

Yes, H4. Your H4. If you're casting the chart for another who asked the question it's still H4.

I`m aware that there should be a separating aspect (or translation etc.) between sigs, instead of an applying one, as the question refers to a past event.
That would not be the case here. Truth is independent of time. If something is true, it's always true. The same for rumors in H5. Whether the rumor is rooted in a past event, current event or future event makes no difference.

I simply have hard time assigning significator of the questited.
It's H1 Ruler and Moon and then H4 Ruler.
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