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Re: is it a third house matter?

Originally Posted by dd78 View Post
Hi AJ,
Thank you so much for your response!

It`s very helpful

I rethought my questions and I think in ALL cases the underlying question is:

Are my impressions/observations/hypotheses etc.= thoughts concerning a person true or false ?


I`m I right or wrong about somebody (who can only be signified by 7th house - the ultimate other) ?

So it rather seems to be a third house question.

Third house is about rumors, statements and verbal information , so I`m not sure if it includes the querent`s own thoughts?

Maybe I should use 7th from 3rd as questited = true or false (3rd) about somebody else (7th)?

Hi dd78,

H3 is strictly siblings. If a question is not about a sibling or their status it does not belong to H3.

H5 is rumors.

H4 is about finality. It is a house of endings and completion. Use H4 to determine the truth of a matter or for the outcome of a matter that isn't already governed by another house. Supposedly you can know the hour of the outcome, but I don't know how to do that. I've seen it mentioned often in texts, but no one outlines the method to use.

Your question has a simple yes/no answer and H4 will tell you the answer.

If Asc Ruler is lighter than H4 Ruler and applying or Moon applying to H4 Ruler the answer is yes. Aspect doesn't matter. Well, I shouldn't say that, because a sextile would tell me you're ambivalent, a trine that your happy, a square that you're concerned and an opposition that you're not at all happy about it.

If no aspect, look for a collection of light (Moon cannot collect) or a transfer (Saturn cannot transfer). The planets involved in the collection/transfer of light will tell me the same thing the aspects would.

If the significantors are inconjunct, no aspect, no collection/transfer then the answer is no. If there's an aspect, make sure the planet isn't slow or on station, because that would mean it's about to go retrograde, which would be a no (and that would be telling, too, because it suggests you really wanted it to be that person but it wasn't).
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