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Re: mrs invisible

Originally Posted by Harmelia View Post
Hi Mrs. Invisible!
Do you mind giving me your birth data - birth day, birth time, and birth city - so that I can pull up your chart on my computer? I would like to respond to your question in more depth, and that will help.

I do trust you and the community.
I was born 11 OCT 1967, at 6:05 am, in Gorizia, Italy

Thank you for your offer, it really is important.

As a quick update: yesterday, as an artist, I wrote a whole piece on my website about being seen and the new project I am doing titled "Do you see me?".
I created a mock piece which was on the wall of my little cubicle at College, with three cups.
I came in this morning, and my piece is no more.

So, it feels like the Universe is still mocking me big style!

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