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Re: is it a third house matter?

Originally Posted by dd78 View Post
I`m trying to determine whether questions like these:

"is it the same person (or another one)?"

"was it person X that I saw earlier today?"

should be judged as 3rd house questions?

Whether a statement is true or false?
Or whether the querent is right or wrong about something?

Or should I consider these 7th house questions?
Hi dd78,

An indispensable work is the "Book of the Nine Judges."

H3 is exclusively siblings. Any question about a sibling goes in H3, including whether a sibling is absent or missing.

H4 is for outcomes, and that would include whether a statement is right/wrong or the questioner right/wrong.

Now if the origin of the statement is a rumor or a letter, email or text, that would be H5.

For the first two questions, I doubt that's what they want to know. They may have couched it as "was it Person X I saw?" but that isn't what they really wanna know.

H7 is for partners, business partners and marital/dating partners. It's for wars, conflicts and contests, too, but mostly for partners.

H11 might be a possibility, assuming they are/were friends. You can ask will two friends come together. You can also ask if family members will come together (but not siblings). Maybe there's a rift in the family because someone died or someone dissed another.

I'd be inclined to use H9 myself. Treat it as an absent person (not necessarily the same as a missing person) and when they will return.

I'd look for any aspect between Ruler H9 and Asc or Moon including sign aspect, and if there is no aspect, then look for a collection of light or transfer of light.
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