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Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
Thank you.
The synastry has a strong Neptune emphasis, your Neptune squares his sun/moon/mars, so you seem illusive to him, he is infatuated by you but doesn't really see you for who you are.
His Neptune exactly conjuncts his Venus, so he is a romantic, easily deceived in matters of the heart, and tending to deceive himself first of of all.
In the composite, it plays out quite nicely though, with that massive accumulation of planets in 4th and in good aspect with with rest of the chart.
Thank you for the input,, idk what image he projects in me besudes he thinks I am innocent etc. I feel i am in danger when I am with him, but he isn't giving me reasong ti freak out. Would you mind commeting about the effect of

My lilith conjunct his venus exact
His lilith conjunct ny moon exact
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