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Cool mrs invisible

Dear all,

I would really appreciate if someone could shed a light on what is happening to me, why, and how long will this thing last.

I have not only been feeling invisible, but I have been invisible.

For example: I sent emails I never get replied to, or they get lost; I post on my Instagram tagging others and NO ONE acknowledges my tagging; when I was in a relationship other women blatantly flirted with my partner even with me present; I have been bypassed at work, in promotions, in job offers; I have written articles which have not being shared; I tried to break through in my field with no success and not even opportunities.
All of this when people around me, with the same background, studies, web presence have requests from prospective clients, inquiries, etc.
The last thing which happened is that I have been interviewed at the local radio which normally posts videoes and pictures of the event. In my case: no ad, no marketing, no pictures, no videos.
I participated in three artistic events. Of all the pictures taken you never see me.

Even a couple of friends now realise that I am invisible, really invisible.
I have asked a similar question on a fb group and even there Ii had no reply to my question. So, now I am really intrigued to see what comes out of this

And I am tired of it. I have been having this very rough and challenging period for too long now. I felt that something shifted already in March 2016

Can anyone help?

Thank you! Matilde

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