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Re: Chances...

Originally Posted by eekndyn View Post
You will move, just going to be some time.. I dont know how the school year/system works in a European country, but in the states/my area schools get out in may for a lengthy holiday, which is around the time these two significtors meet back up. Real estate dies down significantly during the winter months here, and it begins to be a lot more availability in the spring. Astrology aside, maybe plan for a holiday and visit future location and have face to face meetings/showings.
Hi Eekndyn,

Thank you so much for the reply. yes we have thought of the holiday times and kids had a holiday for a couple of weeks in oct that's when we have planned to move but what we had moved to my parent's house temp as we have to leave our house as the tenancy ended more over there is no use in extending the tenancy when we have planned to relocate and also i wanted to move before this year.

lets see how it goes
thank you for the advise
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