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Re: My appearance based on my chart?

Originally Posted by rosegarden View Post

Could someone here tell me a little bit about my appearance

based on my birth chart?

I feel like i'm really ugly, but i'm pretty young (16) and the birth chart tells about the "whole life", so i hope that i will turn prettier someday!
(and i'm obviously interested a lot other things too, so if anything about my chart catches your attention i'll be happy to hear. )
Here are my aspects:

Sun Square Ascendant orb: 0
Neptune Trine North Node orb: 0
Venus Sextile Chiron orb: 1
Venus Square Neptune orb: 1
Moon Square Pluto orb: 1
Saturn Opposition MC orb: 1
Venus Conjunction Mars orb: 1
Saturn Trine Uranus orb: 1
Jupiter Trine Pluto orb: 1
Sun Trine Jupiter orb: 1
Uranus Sextile MC orb: 2
Mars Sextile Chiron orb: 2
Pluto Square Ascendant orb: 2
Mars Square Neptune orb: 2
Sun Conjunction Pluto orb: 2
Mercury Sextile Mars orb: 3
Sun Square Moon orb: 3
Moon Conjunction Ascendant orb: 3
Mercury Sextile Venus orb: 4
Mercury Conjunction Chiron orb: 5
Sun Sextile Uranus orb: 6
Mercury Conjunction MC orb: 6
Saturn Square Ascendant orb: 7
Jupiter Opposition Uranus orb: 7
Mercury Opposition Saturn orb: 7
Sun Opposition Saturn orb: 7
Sun Conjunction MC orb: 8
And also here are my planets:
Sun in 19 12' Sagittarius
Moon in 16 55' Pisces
Mercury in 3 57' Capricorn
Venus in 7 7' Scorpio
Mars in 6 20' Scorpio
Jupiter in 18 1' Leo (r)
Saturn in 26 6' Gemini (r)
Uranus in 25 29' Aquarius
Neptune in 8 55' Aquarius
Pluto in 17 30' Sagittarius
North Node in 8 7' Gemini (r)
Chiron in 8 42' Capricorn
Ascendant in 19 38' Pisces
MC in 27 51' Sagittarius
Sorry about my english!
Thank you so so much if you can help
Have a good day/evening!
these are instructions

1) Once you generate the chart image using your favourite website, copy the image address

2) Click on the Attachment icon (if you don't see it, select 'Advanced' posting first)

3) New window will open, paste the image address, click Upload button, close the window
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