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Originally Posted by Boston Guy View Post

I looked for a thread on this subject, but I couldn't find one that was terribly recent, so I figured I'd make one.

For many, alcohol is seen as a nice way to relax and socialize. Be it at a wedding, on a date, or watching your favorite sport, You can always have your friend Bud or your best girl Ms. Miller there to cheer you on. For others, however, alcohol can certainly be classified as an addiction and a crutch.

Personally, I find myself in the latter category some times. W.C. Fields once said, If God had wanted us to drink beer, He would have given us stomachs! That describes my day pretty well. I normally have some Irish Creme in my coffee when I wake up, a couple cocktails at lunch, some wine after dinner, and a nightcap shot before I retire. For many, especially my age, this would be considered completely impossible while functioning; but not for me.

When I started my dabbling in astrology, I wasn't exactly sure how it would suit me. I didn't see a lot of things in astrology that I could relate with. So, I decided to pick your expertise and ask some questions and discuss the relationship between alcohol and our aspects, signs, and charts.

Which signs are better off not drinking, for example? In my naivety, I figured water signs were more equipped to partake in the juice. But then, is it wise for someone so emotional to make themselves so vulnerable to alcoholic influences?

What effects does alcohol have on certain signs? How do these people react when under the influence? Feel free to share your own experiences, I'm genuinely curious; as a drinker, as a former bartender, and now as someone keen to astrology, I'm interested.

Can alcohol serve as a betterment or a hindrance to certain signs manifesting?

And perhaps most importantly, what's your favorite drink? Mine would have to be a sweet Rob Roy (Scotch Manhatten), straight up with dirty rocks to the side, and two cherries.


I am extremely afraid of drinking and also canít handle it. If thereís one person in the world that couldnít metabolise alcohol and couldnít actually feel better or relaxed after drinking or could become an alcoholic, it would be me. Not a chance. Ever. By a far margin. I can work for a scotch brewery in Scotland and not touch the stuff ever. Thatís how uninterested I am. I have neptune in the 5th. Has many good aspects. Cusp of 5th is sag. I would have thought Iíd be really into drinking. But I also read if one is born w serious predisposition to become an alco ( like me) the person May become extremely against it unconsciously. Could be my psychic intuitions or other chart related aspects or degrees thatís helping me here. Not sure. My moon is fused w Pluto on IC. I am typically very psychic and my intuitions are unlike anyone I know. I also hate losing control to anything. Be it people or substances. Never even touched drugs. Not even pot. Zero interest. I actually donít understand why people do it. Iím very thick about it. Could be my very low water ? My chart is 7% water. But that moon/Pluto compensates all the water thereís and thatís not measured as a part of 4 elements.
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