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Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
But perhaps they would indicate a tendency to overindulge if you can tolerate alcohol--without supplying the detail of whether or not you can tolerate alcohol. And if other factors in favor of drinking heavily are present in your life: you're in a social situation where drinking is approved of, you have plenty of access to alcohol, and whatever would motivate you to drink heavily exists.

Alcoholics and heavy drinkers are the most alcohol tolerant people. They have to be, to be able to drink that much in the first place.
What I'm saying is the condition of the 12th ruler shows how well your body deals with toxins by ridding it through the lymphatic system. And the condition of the 6th ruler shows how the intestines cope with toxins.

As for overindulging - my 2nd ruler (food intake) is Jupiter in sag conjunct moon 1st house. This is a sign of overindulging. But not of toxic foods or drinks. I indulge in lots of foods of all kinds so long as its low in chemicals. Eg: flour products hurt my tummy cos they're bleached. And I can't drink soft drinks cos of the chemicals. Needless to say the Jupiter squares the mars and Venus, showing the conflict between me loving to indulge but struggling to do so due to a sensitive and weak tummy and lymphatic system.

My brother on the other hand - lives off of toxins and high fat diet. He is a tallish skinny guy. He might be happy having one or two meals a day but it will be a heavy mean. In the evening he will drink two bottles of wine and get depressed that he can't feel anything at all. He can no longer get drunk. He just gets numb. As for his chart off the top of my head his 12th ruler is either Uranus in Scorpio or Saturn in Libra and his 6th ruler is sun in Taurus. His health is great. He can tolerate a lot.
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