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Re: Cancer Sun and Cancer Ascendant?

Your pentagram is made up from 2 yods. [or Fingers of God]

One yod points to your Sun in Cancer in the 12th house.

The other points towards Pluto in Scorpio in the 5th.

You can google ‘yod to Sun’ ‘yod to Pluto’
also ‘apex of yod to 12th house’ ‘apex of yod to 5th house’ in Scorpio.

Also, the yod to Pluto is from the lights, the Sun and Moon. That is pretty intense and powerful. You would be highly creative and have an uncanny ability to get to the bottom of things and see behind the scenes, in ways most cannot manage.

this means that the midpoint of your Sun/Moon is Pluto. Or:


Pretty powerful midpoint combination that should do you well through out your life time. As long as you do not try to intimidate to get your point across, that is..

So you have 2 yods, forming 2/3 of a Star of David.

But instead of a yod forming the last 1/3, you have a double sesquiquadrate to your Mars.

So you still have a star formation, but not the ‘perfect’ Star of David. It is a ‘quirkier’ more unique star, but a star, nonetheless.

Also, look up Mars in Virgo in 3rd. And Mars =apex of t-square

-you have a lot of 135 degree aspects, which are called sesquisqaures or sesquiquadrates;

I found a new insight about how Sesquisquare functions alongside the idea of the aspect having Saturn-Uranus energies. Basically, someone with a Sesquisquare can see more than society can yet society is not ready to see it at that time. (Similar to Theme #2 – Abnormal Different Ability) So the Sesquisquare native is asked to wait or rebel and either scenario causes tension.

Solution: Learn how to get your message across that honours tradition (Saturn). Be sensitive about others not being able to see what you see. Present what you see, that is not easily seen, by illustrating what others can readily see.

Jan Bird says: Owl behaviour is fascinating. The ability to do this relates to having their eyes so far front, and needing to check wider perspectives for hunting/being hunted. So maybe having this aspect endows its owner with a wider perspective on the world … and makes them more able to spot danger. It’s someone who covers a much wider field of view, metaphorically speaking, than your average Joe/Joanna.
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