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Re: Cancer Sun and Cancer Ascendant?

Originally Posted by Boston Guy View Post
So I'm not really big on astrology, never really got into it but I figured I was interested so I'd find out a little bit about me. My sister made me do a birth test; two of them. Turns out, I have no idea what any of it means and neither does she so she told me to make an account and see about it.

We appreciate it, thanks a lot.
Your chart is pretty fascinating. You would have to see a few others and learn a bit about it, to see why I say that.

But if you look at the 'picture' made by the colored lines [aspects] in the center of your chart, you will notice a five pointed star, being made by the faint broken green lines. It would take me a long time to fully try to explain what it all represents, since as you say, you are a newbie at this time.

But if you click on all of the other threads here now, and look at the charts that pop up, you probably will not see any other 5 pointed stars in the center. They are not very common.

Now yours is NOT the 5 pointed ' Star of David'---which is made up of three yods. or Fingers of God aspects. Your star is made up of one 'Finger of God'. to your 5th house Pluto.

The rest of the star is made up of sesquiquadrates. Those are very unusual and quirky aspects which defy categorization.

Your chart fascinates me because of the high level of curiosity, perceptiveness, and potential for uniqueness and quirkiness.

Being a double Cancer, with Sun/Mercury/Venus in the 12th highlights your sensitivity and ability to pick up on even the tiniest, most nuanced details.

I saw your intro, where someone accused you of being narrow minded. I think you are the opposite of narrow minded. You have such a thirst or knowledge and a quest for data, that is perhaps unquenchable. Narrow minded is not how I would describe you.

However, that big red triangle, the T-square that points to your Mars in Virgo in the 3rd,--------you may give people a hard time if they can't back up their ideas/claims. You are probably a very skilled debater and overwhelm your opponents quite handily.
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