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Re: Would you rather be with a water sign, fellow earth signs?

Having a Scorpio s Stelium , I find water signs too drowning. There's enough emotion here for both parties.

I'm not keen on Virgos, but Capricorns bring me down to earth. It's like I have somewhere for the water/ emotions to absorb.

Capricorns like me too.
I hope to find one soon
Might go to Astro-seek and check some profiles!
You need to dig deeper if you want to find the Treasure . L.Rae ☉/♏︎ ★ Asc/♏︎ ★ ♀/♏︎ ★ ♆/♏︎ ★ ☿/♏︎★☋/♏︎ ☾/♐︎ ★ ⴲ/♐︎ ⚘/♍︎ ★ ♂/♍︎ ★ ♅/♍︎ ★ ♄/♓︎ ★♃/♌︎★ MC/♌︎
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