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Re: Would you rather be with a water sign, fellow earth signs?

Originally Posted by Wrt2lv View Post
As a Capricorn Sun with 1st House Aquarius Venus, 3rd House Tauran moon, and both Mars and Pluto in 9th house Scorpio, with strong Piscean influence (Neptune is by far my strongest planet), I can say in my experience I do NOT connect well at all with other earth signs. They are often too stiff and cautious and remind me too much of the same tendencies I have which I don't always like.

Trying to get us together would basically be like banging rocks together-no stick or give and we might come away with a few cracks and chips. Also we'd be a really boring couple. Not that I don't think it's possible, but so far I just haven't met any other Earths that I could really attach to.

I do have a strong attraction to water signs, mostly Pisces. Maybe it has to do with my strong Neptune influence. Though I'm a Cap sun and have a lot of stuff in earth signs, I have Mars, Pluto, Midheaven and North Node in water signs which might explain a bit why I gravitate toward water and not earth.

My most satisfying relationship so far was with a Pisces who happened to have a stellium of Sun, Neptune, Venus and Mercury in Pisces. He was also a wonderful musician. Sensitive, intuitive and dreamy. I haven't really clicked romantically with Scorpios though a couple of my best friends are Scorpio.

I've also had an unfortunate tendency to fall hard for fire signs, mostly because a big part of me craves excitement and drama and because they're just so different from me. But these have not gone well.

Water signs it is for me!
I like how you described your experience with other Earth Suns like banging rocks together. A short clear image I hope most understand because I might want to use that description in the future. In family relations other Earth Suns and even Water Suns seem the easiest when it comes to mutual understanding but they're still more likely to push buttons than the other Sun signs and apparently they find me offensive more than anyone else, in the long run but I still get along best with Air and Fire Suns in most social situations.

With age, I'm finding more comfort in socializing with Earth dominant Air or Fire Suns or Air/Fire Suns with Earth Moons. I used to and still have very good chemistry with most people I've met who are Air/Fire or Fire/Air dominant, but I'm glad that I'm widening the element combinations that I find that I get along with. Surprisingly to me, most people seem to think that I'm easy to get along with. I'm relieved that my inner discomfort doesn't project out.

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