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Re: Would you rather be with a water sign, fellow earth signs?

Originally Posted by Hyperqueen View Post
So... everyone knows by now that earth matches with earth and water matches with water, and then goes earth and water....

But I feel most of the time it's more earth+water than anything else. I always thought that earth would rather be with earth, and how do I know, I'ma a water sign so it must be!

For instance, sometimes i think i'm not at all attracted to the classical compatible sign, because I like to be a little skeptical and equal when it comes to astrological signs... But most than often I have always, ALWAYS fallen for these **** earth signs. All three of them! Something about their stableness, the way they can just be a retainer for my emotions, and their coolness is attractive to me. Taurus is my favorite of all of them thought. but they can be stubborn as hell. Aspecially the guy that I just cut ties with. He was 10 years older than me, but my saturn aspected him a lot (and were... I guess positive aspects)... but his pluto was trine both my sun and moon,(as well as conjunct my mars in scorpio) and was aspecting a little of the other planets too. Not cool.
Too intense. Hell, his mars sign is in the same sign as my sun and moon(cancer). The reason of me needing to cut the ties, if I'd see him with another women, I would feel empty as hell, and hurt.

Anyway, I would think that Earth signs would like earth signs because they're alike, and stable, and value things.

I've never liked my water signs. If I did... well they didn't stay for long. The only reason I would is because they have a moon in scorpio, and that calls for attraction, but nothing about them would be attractive to me (earthy sense..)

Also... water signs are too wishy washy emotional for me. I'm emotional, but not at that point. I'm sure they think the same about us. With some of them (who are much older) I can actually find them really caring and sweet, awesome to have around. I guess the mature ones, i like.

My sun&moon is in cancer, 3 degrees away,
Mercury leo- ima put on my birth chart for the sake of it.
Mars in scorpio, conj asc.
asc in libra
Venus in Virgo. Quite ironically I met the dude in a work place. Most intense and "fated feeling" i've ever had. Maybe his juno conjunct my MC/north node?

his sun&moon is in taurus, 1'5 degrees away
Venus in taurus
Mars in cancer
Mercury in gemini
Juno in leo, but is aspecting the uranus, in the sense that it's attracted to uranian people.

Do you think he'd like me... I mean, we've already had a little relationship and all, but he didn't seem all there to go after me.
I needed things now and a conclusion to each beginning.

p.s. you can just awnser the initial question if you want lol
I'm a virgo libra cusp sun.. mercury and venus in virgo (lots of capricorn too!) and I ADORE venus in cancers They match to me really well. venus scorpios not so much...I have no solid opinion on water sunsigns...sun in cancer or scorpio are a bit too intense for me-i do tend to like cancer suns but never been in serious relationship with these...I've had them attracted to me, it just didn't really go both ways other them finding them quite cute...pisces are great..only as friends/family though..For romantic relationships I tend prefer earth or earth cusps for sun as the feeling of trust and dependability is just innately there from the beginning. Never found myself attracted to male virgos other than as friends though..Venus in cancers all the way though I'm sure each person is a little different though.

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