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Re: Would you rather be with a water sign, fellow earth signs?

Originally Posted by Wrt2lv View Post
As a Capricorn Sun with 1st House Aquarius Venus, 3rd House Tauran moon, and both Mars and Pluto in 9th house Scorpio, with strong Piscean influence (Neptune is by far my strongest planet), I can say in my experience I do NOT connect well at all with other earth signs. They are often too stiff and cautious and remind me too much of the same tendencies I have which I don't always like.

Trying to get us together would basically be like banging rocks together-no stick or give and we might come away with a few cracks and chips. Also we'd be a really boring couple. Not that I don't think it's possible, but so far I just haven't met any other Earths that I could really attach to.

I do have a strong attraction to water signs, mostly Pisces. Maybe it has to do with my strong Neptune influence. Though I'm a Cap sun and have a lot of stuff in earth signs, I have Mars, Pluto, Midheaven and North Node in water signs which might explain a bit why I gravitate toward water and not earth.

My most satisfying relationship so far was with a Pisces who happened to have a stellium of Sun, Neptune, Venus and Mercury in Pisces. He was also a wonderful musician. Sensitive, intuitive and dreamy. I haven't really clicked romantically with Scorpios though a couple of my best friends are Scorpio.

I've also had an unfortunate tendency to fall hard for fire signs, mostly because a big part of me craves excitement and drama and because they're just so different from me. But these have not gone well.

Water signs it is for me!
I'm so happy to hear that!
My only earth signs are venus(virgo), Saturn and Jupiter(both Taurus). I do not like any water signs. Too emotional. I'm an emotional wreck, but I love that COOLNESS earth signs have. yall are so AWESOME. I especially like the fact that I can break you guys down because i'm really good at knowing peoples insides, and they always tell me that they're so scared to be vulnerable, but they always tend to try with me and like just that "try" is so awesome. I find you guys to be really warm too. All of my friends and past bf have some kind of earth sign in them lol. I aspecially love Taurus'! so hard but I see right trough yall, and you guys are SO funny. like that dry-don't say that type of funny. I relate to that xD I do have air/fire signs in me but never fallen for any of them
I don't like anything that's superficial. Maybe its my mars in scorpio that's in my first house. Or my Aqua Uranus (and Neptune?)
and you're honesty. OUF! that's something I can learn from you guys. I find it awesome. Its like, I'm always scared ill hurt someone's feelings but I know you guys are going to be honest and get rid of all confusion, and I hate confusion. That's why i'm really trying to be honest with everything nowadays. Be what you want am I right?
the only thing I find extremely sweet (but I get edgy over) is that slowness in romance... i'm so impatient... as a human being... idk maybe its that 3rd decan(gemini decan) in libra and scorpio mars.. ugh.
but I think you guys are for me...
Fire signs are too much about me and that turns me off (ive got mercury in leo but you guys can be smart and affectionate(and funny may I add) nonetheless so I like you anyway)
and air signs. no. awesome people but nothing more than friendship.
Actually I've got a lot of air people in my life but either their moon or sun is a water or earth sign lol
My bro is a pisces, but I think he's awesome. We're really close, he's got an aquarius moon. Her gf too but sometimes we don't get along THAT well. She has pisces sun with capri moon and I feel as if she wants to strangle people sometimes. but extremely sweet as a person.!

P.S. I totally get that boringness part. Sometimes I'm scared of that with you guys but I find you guys have more pros than cons for me. You're my rock

I cry a lot too. No shame tho. The only reason I cry is because of confrontation and the truth, not because someone hurt my feelings. When I say I really like someone, I start crying because it comes from my heart. Cancer sun and moon here I am

I would actually know, how exactly did you feel with him ^^? your pisces guy

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