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Re: Would you rather be with a water sign, fellow earth signs?

Originally Posted by tenacapcious View Post
The next door neighbors who must be around 50 something both, have been together since their teens and he's a Taurus and she's a Cancer. They have three kids and two of them are adult and have left home.

I've never been involved with other Earth Suns or Moons or Water for that matter. I've always seemed more compatible with Fire/Air (best with Air Moons whether their Sun was in Air or Fire) and I married Leo Sun/Aquarius Moon. I have Sun/Moon/Mercury Cap, Libra Asc. He has MC in Libra. Our Venus' are opposites but he has that Aquarius Moon and My venus is Opp. Saturn in Leo. His Leo stellium is in a Water house and his Aquarius Moon in an Earth house. My Cap planets are in an Air house, 1st house Uranus. I have Mars/Sag/2nd house, he has Sag Asc. We both have Mars in Fire. He has a Leo stellium with all his inner planets except that Aquarius Moon/2nd house. We're both Water deficient.

I don't know if I generally believe that the common understanding of which elements are compatible hold true in real life/real people. I'm rambly because I'm late and scatterbrained right now...I think it depends on the synastry between couples and maybe someone who's good at reading synastry can see how the "rules of element attraction" still hold true in a synastry they're studying, even if the couple appears to have incompatible synastry between the Luminaries; Sun and Moon.

A few years ago, someone tried to explain to me that I need to consider synastry between angles and planets and the relevance of looking at synastry between fx. Juno and planets, especially Juno in aspect to personal planets. It was all lost on me because I was still trying to understand some basics. Well, my husband and I have the same Juno and Eros sign - Scorpio but different house placements. I don't know if that matters.

I have enough Earth that I think the lack of attraction there is that I don't need anyone to add more Earth to my life. On the other hand I'm somewhat Water deficient and too impatient and would feel too frustrated and drained to make anything work with a Water Sun or Moon. I've no idea if anyone with their Sun or Moon in Water has ever been attracted to me.
I'm happy for you guys Maybe this threat has to do with the water/earth heavy people. Like the guy I was talking about, he has like 0 air or fire, just his juno in leo, and even his north node is in pieces. Dunno about the ASC and MC thought, nor the houses for that matter. But even that said, I have some air/fire in my chart but for some reason I always end up with earthy signs
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