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Solar Return for Upcoming Year Interpretation Help

Hi everyone I hope you are all doing well! I am new to solar return charts, I have read about how to interpret them but I still seem to be confused when interpreting mine especially in relation to my natal chart So if anyone can send any sort of insight it will be greatly appreciated! Some key things I noticed:

-3 Grand Trines involving mainly two planets
-Moon - Mercury - Uranus
-Moon - Mars - Uranus
-Moon - North Node - Uranus

-Alot of planets in 5th house and having ascendant on my natal 5th house

I know (not even referencing astrology) that this year is going to be transforming, I can't really get into details because of personal stuff but lets say I'll be finally doing something that I've been waiting to do for most of my life and I'm ecstatic for it. I have seen my last years Solar Return and I noticed I had alot of planets in the 8th house, which honestly just makes me believe in astrology even more. The fact that I've been finally able to let go of something last year (8th house planets I suppose?) and this year I can finally express something thats been on the hold for so long (5th house planets?)

Any help is appreciated!
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