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Originally Posted by summer92 View Post
Would the mars being strong indicate that I will be back into my proper senses?
No. You are in your proper senses now, as mars is in his element in scorpio. He has come along way to be in scorpio, this is a helical rising for him. Meaning you should feel pretty confident and sure of your decisions, Its also a higly sexual charged sign and negatively prone to jealousy and obsessions. But in general he is pretty black and white! Its all or nothing. And Highlights that you need to look out for your own benefits and focus on yourself.

He retrogrades back into scorpio. Retrograde is an averse reaction. Retrograde mars on its own is a bit of a trouble maker and looks for opportunities to muscle his way in. So i would be careful later this spring to not binge on any left over emotions or feelings of regrets or anything of that nature, because once you move forward, and gaining speed you will likely make the same decision you just made now.

But its noteworthy to say that scorpio is a regenative sign and will be touching the nodes 23 scorpio again, yes even in horary it does count and i think its significant because having your planet go back into the same sign its about to leave is important to take notice, because you are zipping along your life and moving on making new aspects and bam! you are pulled back, and as Scorpio sheds its skin you may re learn that you not end up being in a forever relationship with this particular guy, but you can learn to re invent yourself, and drop any bad habbits or any negative relationship patterns. Kinda like clean up your act and prepare for someone better to come sweep you off your feet. The 7H is a house of partnerships and open enemies, so be careful and mindful in your actions and reactions when you face frustrations, delays etc. Look for partnerships that bring out the best in you not the negative!
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