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Re: Him and I

Originally Posted by summer92 View Post
my natal chart might explain why my life resembles a taylor swift soundtrack tbh

our synastry explains a lot ; moon conjunct mars double whammy ; venus trine/square mars both ways but a lot of Saturn aspects too ; synastry was good but composite shows it all

he's sad that he tried to end things but bye bye bye

Ive had this double whammy moo/mars aspect with someone and its not all its cracked up to be. Mars likes the chase and moon likes to be chased. Its a very classic aspect but depending on where it happens says alot about the balance between you two.

When it happened to me it happened in cancer and what a big cry baby mars turned out to be. Whiny and hypersensitive. But moon being in domicile could care two figs lol, i didnt loose any sleep over him, well thats how i reacted. He turned me off, but he will always randomly try and make a move on me or do something to get closer to me if we are in the same room. Its quite annoying actually.

So in your case by now you should have an idea how this double whammy aspect worked out for you. If you are strong you will have to nurture his mars needs more to make him happy, if he is strong he will be more aggressive or more confident in pursuing you or get in your way. Circumstances vary as nowadays people do the long distance thing aswell, but a strong mars usually makes the first bold move and be pretty blunt about it. Which again depending on how your natal describes your ideal man, (your natal mars or even the condition of lord of your 7H) can be a turn on/ or turn off.

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