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Originally Posted by nadiaaa View Post
yes, the 1st house (you) we obviously have the ascendant. we also have the sun in the first house. 7th house (him) has venus in it. the moon is making a sextile around mars.. meaning he is younger than you like you stated. it also makes a sextile around the midheaven which is showing your feelings and emotions. luckily, with venus in the 7th house that shows romance and is showing why you attracted to him. especially with moon trine midheaven.
So why having so many positive aspects might indicate that the answer is no?
Also me (saturn) sextile him (moon) in 2 degree orb so positive flow between us. Also pluto on my ascendant which is his 3rd (communication) house co-ruler can indicate him messaging me? His 3rd house ruler mars trine venus. And my 3rd house ruler in his 1st house/my 7th house.
I thought this positive aspects mean "yes"
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