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Re: Hello everyone

hi len

a big huge welcome to you. thanks for sharing such an informative welcome post. i too have run into the evil nasties regarding the church and astrology. the three wise men used stars to navigate to the baby jesus. i think it's just a matter the church not wanting to let go of it's control. but like yourself i've noticed those that have a strong belief can share the universe with the christians and give thanks to god himself. i've come to realize that fellow worshippers can share the stage with god and that god is willing to let all forms of astrology and occult.

i see you've already posted some responses and that's great, please feel free to participate in as much as you want to. we welcome you to the forum len. lots of informative people out here. goes in cycles actually where some will post and then others will come out and play. i've actually missed the regulars that haven't posted in a long time. but i'm realy happy that you have not only introduced yourself but you are already participating in some of the discussions. the mods are great too.... some of our better posters are defintely the mods who discuss at length their take on the charts or a question.

relax and welcome to the astrology weekly forums. we're glad to have you as a participating member!
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