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Re: SATURN Inconjunct/Quincunx AS

The ascendant represents many things. The sign, and the ruler of the sign are both important.
Any aspect which squares, opposes or inconjuncts the ASC could impact your personality, the way you "see" the world or the way the world perceives you. With the inconjunct the influence is often very subtle and esp inconjuncts to the ASC, and esp. 6th house inconjuncts. With 8th house inconjuncts one often one can see the influence the aspect has in the way people respond to you.

The 6th house inconjunct can be very subliminal and yet very powerful. I do not consider the inconjunct a minor aspect. Saturn is the energy of caution, withholding, control, discipline, work, delaying and obstacles. When these things are put into active terms they represent actions, reactions, and "processing." so often this type of aspect can inhibit something about the personality. Or parts of the personality.

How this operates depends upon aspects to the Moon, and aspects with Jupiter....the ruler of the ASC. The moon rules the past, the mother, habits and patterns from childhood, etc.

this aspect can also represent physical "symptoms" that the body feels. That does NOT mean disease....Symptoms are very important clues about how one's life is going along....whether one is in tune with one's life or out of balance. But of course it could also mean symptoms of something actually being wrong physically - often a genetic based issue. Not necessarily dire or urgent in character.

You have Moon square would seriously study that aspect and that will in turn allow you to understand the inconjunct from Saturn to the ASC.


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