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Re: Concepts of Karma, Psychology, Incest

The knowledge of karma came through ancient meditators - rishis. It is hard to put a date because Vedic tradition has existed as exclusively oral tradition for thousands of years before it was written down. Latest archaeological findings confirmed that Vedic knowledge, as well as Yoga tradition, were known by people on Indian subcontinent at least 6,000 years ago. But this was highly urbanized society. They had more sophisticated aqueducts than Romans, for example. The knowledge of karma goes back many thousands of years before that, possibly even tens of thousands of years. But the knowledge of karma was not exclusive to ancient rishis. Every modern spiritual seeker, if dedicated enough, should come to the same revelations through his own experience and people often do.

If you wish to understand karma first you must realize that this world (reality) is not material. This was the message of ancient rishis and modern science is (very sloooowly) catching up, especially quantum mechanics. While this realization is fairly common on individual level nowadays, it will certainly take centuries before humanity as a whole leaves the dark ages of materialism. After all, it is only common sense. Karma, astrology, all kinds of psi phenomena like remote viewing, precognition etc., even simple placebo effect - none of this should "work" in material world and all of this is easily explainable in a dream-like environment made of consciousness.

Karma is not about "ever-evolving mechanism of human consciousness", karma is the "glue" that ties consciousness down to this reality. Every action (physical, verbal, thoughts) taken with self-identification with the body and thought process leaves data imprint in the mind and further deepens the connection to this reality. Countless desires and aversions are stored in the mind and eventually they come to the surface in the form of life experiences. This process, which could go on indefinitely if not interrupted, is broken when consciousness realizes its true nature and stops self-identification with the body-mind.

All of this has nothing to do with incest.

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