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Child with Saturn in the 4th house

Okay so help me out here.
My son is 10 months old and He has Saturn AND Pluto in the 4th. Iím a beginner here so I googled the interpretations and Iím so sad and confused. Lots of stuff about parents either dying, leaving, or being cold and me and dad are just NOT like that at all.
We are both VERY conscious parents and our bond with him is and always was SO important. We are so gentle and loving with him and I canít help but to panic at the possibilities. I also have some post partial anxiety...lots of worried about dying or being taken away from my son. I know that those concerns are ďcommonĒ and hormonal but readying these interpretations just killed me inside.
Currently sobbing and holding my baby tight (Iím a mess)
I do understand that his entire chart comes to play so Iím hoping I could get some help.
Thank you all in advance, I apologize if this is al over the place.

This is his chart:

My chart:

Fathers chart:
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