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Re: Will my father's mental wellbeing improve?

Originally Posted by Chrysalis View Post
When i said ill i didn't mean seriously ill, its just with his current weakened state he will be more prone to catching a bug or two. But then i suppose with this covid still around he needs to be careful. It would be a good idea for you to get him some good vitamins to take whilst he's going through this period of life.

The point when things improve for him which includes the ven=su/ura, if your father is not inclined to meet someone new, then yes it could be money as Venus rules money too. I swayed towards the romantic side because you said he was in a loveless marriage.

Timing i have no clue, I've totally given up on timing at the moment. But its only a degree or so away so i don't think were talking years and years away. Maybe a year or so (hopefully). But there is a definite improvement coming his way.
Thank you so much, that's good to know.
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