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Re: Will my father's mental wellbeing improve?

Originally Posted by Chrysalis View Post
Your fathers mental wellbeing will continue to be weak with applying moon square mars/neptune midpoint. A feeling of not being happy with his life, and is to weak willed to do anything about it. If he has a tendenacy to drink he could go down this route too as his way of dealing with things. Also currently succeptible to become ill, as his immune sysytem is weakened.

There will be improvement in his wellbeing when Jupiter squares with sun/moon midoint in just over 1 which will make him feel much more positive about life. This coincides with the time when venus conjuncts sun/ura midpoint, because of this planetary combination im inclined to think he could meet someone new romantically and this is what breaths life back into his life.
Thanks for looking at this chart, Chrys. I can see how you're right already, he's constantly complaining and has a terrible diet, so I wouldn't be surprised if he has issues with his health.

Do you see anything suggesting an improvement in his finances? Perhaps the Venus/Sun/Uranus can suggest this? I know timing is difficult to predict, but approx. when do you think this might be?
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