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Re: Marriage not happening because of Vedic Astrology

Originally Posted by creativei View Post
Indeed you change job but not now it happens in 2023 .

particular thing happens in respected dasa/bukti only . not by numbers or magic , each person life is controlled by planets . particular events happens when particular lord dasa or bukti comes this is a very basic lkg lesson in astrology

for you you are currently running saturn dasa , that saturn is in 3rd house of change . so you change not only professional but also home too .

generally dasa at it own bukti doesnt do any good . saturn dasa saturn bukti will be stand still . but next mercury bukti which is lord of your 1st and 10th is sure indication for transformation . both personality wise and professional wise . mercury is in 8th house with rahu , sudden change . change that transforms your life sure . mercury bukti is starting in 2022 . so be prepared for that .

5th house is stomach 5th lord aspected by 12th , 8th lord gives stomach related troubles . also in this saturn dasa you will have many health problems lined up so take care of it , medical bills will make you crazy .

if my intuition is correct then you probably you loose your job and will be sitting in home . because saturn in jupiter constellation and that Jupiter is neecha lost power . sorry buddy your chart says it .... .
Thank you for your analysis.
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