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Re: Marriage not happening because of Vedic Astrology

Thank you taking time to look into my chart.
Originally Posted by kshantaram View Post
7th lord jup debilated-neecha in cap 5th
for luck-educaiton-romance-children-position n conservative,
although elevated in cancer in the namavamsa under neechabhanga,
with gradual improvements in 5th house matters;
while prone to weak heart-stomach-liver etc;
I have always had acidity related issues in my stomach.
Sat is now transit own cap 5th over jup 7th lord for marriage,
seeking change but stuck,
negating employment prospects,
while may have aptitude for public admin etc,
sat cap aspecting venus pisces 7th for marriage,
craving for affections; venus pisces selfless in attitude,
growth riches through artistic aptitudes;
I am looking for change in Job. I wish to leave my current field of profession and do something different with my life.
sun-mars taurus 9th, creative, hyper-energetic,
temperamental impacting relationships, opp sat scorpio,
stress in luck-education-travels-father;
aptitude for hotel management, dentistry, etc
I dropped out of college. I don't have aptitude for hotel management, dentistry, etc. I wish to study Mathematics.
sat scorpio secretive, suspicious, sentimental, sarcastic, passionate,
research-occult-forensic aptitudes;
sat aspect own cap 5th protective of luck-edu-position
but may not be good for health of children;
I have research aptitude
natal ketu libra 2nd,
detachment from family-finances,
pain-injury-surgery thraot-teeth-kidneys etc;
I have had throat allergies during my younger days.
Moon lord 11th for gains over gemini 10th,
gains from career, but negating friendships/relationship;
mer gemini good at MIS, but confused decision making,
sense of humor, instrumental
music, business-financeial analysis, popular;
I am not very good at interpersonal skills. I wish to learn to play a musical instrument.
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