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Re: Marriage not happening because of Vedic Astrology

Originally Posted by creativei View Post
Buddy i dont say prediction to get praise or reward , i just say prediction only for given chart .

i think u know astrology . tell me what it means 7th lord aspected by 6th lord ? ! any neophte in astro will say that . why go that much venus in 7th is enough to say . quarrels are part and parcel of married life , it adds spice to relationship and makes relationship stronger . you cant eat honey 24/7 ...
Thank you for your reading. You are right about constantly changing mind. I am prone to procrastination and sometimes find it difficult to concentrate on tasks that need to be done. I have a clear idea of things I want to do with my life. But time is slipping away. I fear that I might not get to do those things or, it might be too late by the time my life gets better. I don't have much knowledge in astrology. All I know about astrology is by searching online.
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