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Re: Marriage not happening because of Vedic Astrology

Originally Posted by creativei View Post
hi mrastro

i just now saw your chart , i felt sad by your words , it seems you are good by heart ,. dnt wry you wont commit any sin .

you are kanya lagnam , gemini rasi gemini rasi persons are intelligent communicative , multi tasking good at opp sex , interested in fine arts like dance music etc . but they have dual mindset in all aspects . no stable views . constantly changing mind .

reg planetary alignments yes its little bit complicated , venus in 7th alone wont give affairs we have to consider other things too . dont wry you have crossed that dasas .

kalathra karaga venus is exalted good that too he is lord of second , even good . but thing is 7th lord jupiter got neecha ,thats y it creating prob , you may had bitter experience in love like cheating etc . u have crossed your 7th lord dasa jupiter , since its debiliated and aspected by saturn who is 5th and 6 th lord which obstructed ur marg . everytime marg talks arises quarrel arises in ur home . esp with mother .

indeed your marriage happens . though 7th lord debiliated guru aspecting 2nd house from rasi . its ensures marriage .

currently u r running saturn dasa saturn bukti . generally own bukti wont do any good , marriage happens in mercury bukti . ie 2022 to 2024 .

since 7th lord is weak and saturn inspecting guru your spouse comes from humble background , chances of marriage different culture too . he is average complexion , swarthy color , spiritual , independent . clever , courageous , some what sickly . harsh in speech . ambitious , unorthodox , taboo breaking . spiritual but not religious . he may be doing business or some medicines related job . else teaching line .

lastly venus is planet of love and sex by nature its connection with 7th house give too much of sexual tendencies , for them relationship is all , they cant be without that , their beauty and sex appeal attracts every guy to them , if native is good then no problem but native is morally corrupt then he may get used by many men . so its all depends on natives strength of mind . self control is all . but one bitter truth is before settling in , these people may go through atleast one wrong relationship , so that they get wise and knows what true love is . venus is bound to give that karma , it makes you wise in love by pulling you into wrong side and there by giving experience .

for a girl 4th house speaks of Chasity , if that house afflicted then that girl will go in wrong path , 4th house is als home mother and domestic life m only those girls who has poor childhood , who faced domestic abuse wil go like that . many prostitutes tells that their mother and bad home life pushed into that . see how it matches . its all destined .
Thank you. So marriage won't happen until 2022 Do you think my future wife will be harsh in speech and quarrelsome?
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