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Originally Posted by david starling View Post
It's a powerful Chart on a personal level. H1 contains a tense / conjunction, whereby expansion and contraction are combined. Also , squaring its favorite Planet, Mars, which is another source of tension. Transiting Pluto is currently conjunct your Mars in Cap, which is alleviating that somewhat. Mars in Capricorn is a strong placement that enables you to make things easier for others--you're a very useful person to have around. And, 3 other very useful placements: in Libra, in Scorpio, and in Sagittarius. That's FOUR facilitating placements in 4 consecutive Signs!
Fiery Venus/Moon trine, with the Moon most elevated and in the lead of your Chart's "bowl pattern", in a night-Chart, letting it shine brightly.
I'm curious about your profession, which wouldn't be about the money, but about the dedication and "keeping it real".
Thank you for reading my chart. My profession is in banking however your right about saying it wouldn’t be about the money. More about dedication all these years. A little too loyal!! When you say useful planets in what sense do you mean? A tribe is supposed to be good but I always get involved with untrustworthy people in the end.
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