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Re: Never seen a chart like this one

Originally Posted by watcherofthesouth View Post
Very difficult time for you - Sade Sati. Transiting Saturn is approaching your Moon in Capricorn. You will learn loss and detachment at this time (money/friends/family) and much emotional distress, even humiliation. Many who are going through Sade Sati discover astrology during the 7.5 year transit. You are almost half way through.
That is so scary...

Here I am again, and that would explain a lot; I've been telling people that I'm probably living through 7 years of unhappiness due to breaking a mirror (it's a superstition I've heard xD) but this would explain it

Could You, or anyone, please, link me some learning material for that indian astrology? It's just seems superior to Western one.
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