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Re: New website with online astro calculations and astro database

Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
more definitions of Void of Course Moon to consider

Johannes Schöner (15th cent.)
"When a planet is separated from any other planet by conjunction or aspect,
and is not joined to another by body or aspect,
for as long as that planet is in the same sign,
it is called void of course.
However, this ought to be understood according the orbs and rays of the planets.
Take for example the following:
If there is the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius,
and after her separation from Jupiter there is no planet in Sagittarius
to which she can be joined by the moiety of orb
or of the ray of any planet which she can aspect,
in that case the Moon is said to be void of course
until she leaves Sagittarius and is joined to any planet in body or in aspect.
But we do not observe this only in the Moon.
Another example, Saturn 9 Aries, Jupiter 10 Gemini, Mars 17 Gemini, Sun 20 Aries, Venus 5 Pisces, Mercury 24 Aries, Moon 26 Taurus.
There the Moon is aspected by nothing in 26 Taurus,
nor is anything joined to her, while she is in Taurus,
wherefore she will be reckoned void of course."
- Opusculum Astrologicum Part 2: Canon XXIII

Dariot (16th cent.)
"Among the accidents that do happen unto the planets among themselves,
the first is when any of them is void without course or motion
which is said to be when one planet separating himself from another
doth not apply to any other during the time that he tarryeth in that sign,
and then he is said to have his course and motion void."
- A Brief and Most Easie Introduction to the Astrologicall Judgement of the Starres Chap. 9.

Lilly (17th cent.)
"A planet is Void of Course,
when he is separated from a planet, nor doth forthwith, during his being in that sign,
apply to any other:
This is most usually in the Moon;
In judgements do you carefully observe
whether she be Void of Course yea or no;
you shall seldom see a business go handsomely forward when she is so (p.112).
Generally consider the state of the Moon,
for if she be Void of Course
there's no great hopes of the question propounded,
that it shall be effected, yet if she be in Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius or Pisces,
your fear may be the less, for then she is not so much impedited by being Void of Course (p.299).
If the Moon be Void of Course,
unless the significators apply strongly,
there's seldom any bargain concluded or commodity at that time bought,
and yet both parties wrangle and have some meetings to no purpose (p.377)."
Christian Astrology
wow! thanks for so many useful informations and examples!
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