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Re: New website with online astro calculations and astro database


Abu Ma'shar (9th cent.)
"It is 'void of course' if a planet separates from application with a planet in conjunction or aspect, and does not apply to a planet as long as it is in its sign.
It is 'wild' if it is a planet which no planet aspects at all; and this happens most frequently with the Moon. "
- The Abbreviation of the Introduction to Astrology Chap. 3, v21-22.
The same text shows that Abu Ma'shar was using planetary orbs
very close to those listed by Dariot and Lilly (see chap. 2, v.11).]

Al Biruni (11th cent.)
If while within a sign a planet does not enter into conjunction with another,
although in aspect to other planets,
it is said to be void of course, and is regarded
as having separated from conjunction whether in that sign or not. This name is given to it because
the field is empty and it moves without any companion.
FERAL. When a planet is in a sign
and no other planet has been in aspect with it
from the time of its entry to that of its exit,
it is said to be feral in its course.
This is practically impossible with the superior planets and the Sun,
and can rarely occur
but with the Moon it is necessarily the case and frequently occurs
Some people say that when the Moon is feral,
this is a substitute for
conjunction with the planets in whose terms it happens to be within the sign, but
this opinion is trivial and quite unsupported."
- The Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology v.504 & 505
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