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Re: New website with online astro calculations and astro database

Originally Posted by kaktuzz View Post
Thanks for new inspiration!

I intentionally avoided to implement Void of Course calendar because I have never clearly understood the formula ... and now I just googled more about it and there are really various interpretations/calculation methods:

1) take into account aspect orbs VS. don't take into account aspect orbs (only the exact aspects matter)
2) take into account Uranus/Neptune/Pluto aspects VS. don't take into account Uranus/Neptune/Pluto aspects
3) Tropical x Sidereal

I guess it could be a nice future project with lots of options to implement
Void of course Moon is an ancient concept
so the modern outers are excluded
however as usual there is controversey and disagreement on that issue

ancient authors written guidance on void of course moon
is as follows
and includes an additional designation of "wild" aka "feral"
which very rarely can involve a planet
but most usually is exclusive to the moon

Dorotheus (approx. 1st cent. AD)
"If you find the Moon void of all the planets, none of them aspects it, and none is in the ascendant or aspecting the ascendant, then this native is void of good in livelihood, possesses pain and hardship in the pursuit of what he needs."
- Carmen Astrologicum, 1.12.7

Antiochus (2nd cent.)
"There is void-coursing of the Moon whenever it is not applying to any planet, not bodily and not by figure [aspect]."
- Thesaurus, 1.39

Firmicus (4th cent.)
"If the Moon is so located that she is moving toward nothing, is in aspect to no planet, and there is no benefic planet on the angles, this will make paupers destitute of all necessities, without means of daily life ..., especially if the Moon, "running through a vacuum", which the Greeks call cenodromon (empty course), is in opposition or square aspect to Mars or Saturn on the first or third day, or if malefic planets are on the angles.
For when the Moon is Void of Course she involves the early years in wretched misfortunes. But after she has for a time troubled the body and mind and ruined their youth with many crimes ... then she bestows good fortune equal to the mishaps of youth.
But if the Moon, moving through a vacuum, comes into aspect with Mars or Saturn ... the natives will be miserable paupers, barely covered by ragged clothing, guardians of tombs; or they will be punished by perpetual imprisonment."
- Mathesis, VIII.1

"If the waxing or full Moon is moving away from Saturn toward nothing but is running through a vacuum, she causes loss of inheritance, estranges the natives from parents, or makes them orphans in early youth. They will be sluggish and involved in long journeys [and so on for the Moon moving away from the rest of the planets]"
- Mathesis, VIII.XV
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