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A Guide for Beginners - How to Get a Basic Interpretation

I was just browsing through several old threads on the Natal & Predictive Astrology Board in search of natal charts for my latest project, when I rediscovered an essay I had written to aid beginning student of astrology.

I will post this guide here, although it can also be found on a thread called need some help:


I'd like to share the standard method I use to get a basic astrological analysis outside these boards; hopefully you and others will find this information helpful.

I was actually studying numerology for quite some time before I delved into astrology, so naturally I am quite comfortable with the first site I ever used for both has a very nice template you can use to create your own personal astrology reading. This is also where I first found out about Astrodienst; before you start any endeavor it is necessary to have the proper information and tools, or so my Virgo South Node insists :roll:

Once you have your natal chart and know the positions/aspects/etc. of your planets (including your Ascendent, Sun, and Moon signs), you can proceed to use the template and click on the links it provides to move around the site, copying and pasting your particular readings into a word processor.

Astrodienst also provides free horoscopes including a sample of their personal portraits, which you should be able to access from the main site once you have created your natal chart. The horoscopes can be located through links on the main page; check out as many as you can, paying particular attention to the charts on the bottom of the AstroText Portrait and AstroText Youth pages. For some strange reason, I found the AstroText Youth report gave me more detailed information about my aspects...I have no idea why, but check out both versions and save them on your computer in a special folder for easy access.

I have found that the main site of this forum, Astrology Weekly, has the most thorough and easy-to-use descriptions of all possible astrological aspects that may appear in your natal chart. It is a good idea to save this page on your Favorite Places, because you will definately be referring to it often as you form you own report. In fact, I suggest that you create your own Astrology folder in both your Favorite Places and on your Desktop because if you're anything like me, you'll have TONS of information and won't know where to put any of it

I have found that The Message of the Stars gives a great description of the Rising may want to check out their other articles and descriptions as well, I highly recommend them.

This should be enough to start you out with...good luck on your journey to self-discovery!
I hope that this may help other beginning astrologers as well

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