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Re: career direction

Originally Posted by three M symbols View Post

People think you are a Scorpio, because Scorpio is the inner side of mars. (and Aries the outer). And your Mars is in 12th house. An hidden and most secretive and psychic placement. Linked to the inconscious and this kind of things. Even if Mars is weakened in 12th house and Cancer, Your Aries Sun is strong, because Sun is exalted in Aries, so, people can see your Mars. But they guess you're a Scorpio ^^ (or a Pisces, because Pisces has 12th house traits, by analogy)

Otherwise, it's quite difficult to be accurate about a choice of art carreer. Because their is a lot of areas in this domain... Too much to use efficiently the astrological tools (from my point of view.)

Your MC ruler is Mars in 12th house. This is a creative house, good for imagination. Your work can be linked to "psychic"/spiritual/watery/emotions/healing/metaphysical, etc... Cancer role is to help other people to feel secure. Or create for them some new fresh vibes (cardinal water). Caring. Mars is in 12th house. So, logically it's hidden (your Sun has got hidden motivations).

2nd house ruler (of money), is the Sun, in 10th house. You'll earn ressources by your reputation or in the public sphere. (Maybe exhibitions, magazines, or being known for what you do in one way of another).

6th house (of daily work) is Sagittarius. So, you are searching a (spiritual or not) sens/purpose in what you do, this matters to you. Jupiter which rules your 6th house is in 4th house.
You can maybe work with a team where you feel like a family with. Or with someone of your family, or even at home. 4th house can also represents lands, including your city. Working for your city or country (cultural heritage, geographical or something, museums, etc..). And protecting justice (because your 4th house is Libra).

10th house Sun shows that you're ambitious, and carreer orientated. 10th house Venus, you'll attract people in the 10th house sphere (by your reputation, goals, and what you're known for. People can like you for your appearance or the status you'll have also. How you're seen in public). Both are conjuncts, it just mean they work together. I also have this aspects and I don't think it's so important. Venus is a quick planet, so the Sun is never really far away. But yes, because Sun is your 2nd house (money) ruler, and it conjunct Venus, you'll earn money with a "Venus way". that can includes beauty, beautiful things like clothes, decoration, or more artistic work (photography, etc..).

The problem is that Jupiter (6th H ruler) oppose your Sun (2nd house ruler).
So, you're daily work of 6th house do not serve the things you really value and what make you feel secure in this existence (2nd house things).
This aspect can also make you being too ambitious or things like that. But I don't worry because you have the conscience to need something to "not lose sense of reality" (this is a 12th house problem I know very well by experience). For the "physical" part, you also can do some sports if you need.

But success or failure is never really written in a natal chart. Chart shows potential but all you do depends on your choices, actions, etc..
Jupiter can cause exces but it's not a "bad one" (like saturn for example). I don't think this will stop you or anything. You have potential for arts, with your Moon, your Venus, Mars, and also North node in 5th house, that invites you to explore creativity and self expression in this life.

Jupiter in 4th house mean you need to expand the feeling of "home, family, emotional basis" (+justice (Libra). And Cancer ascendant too.
But these needs oppose your Aries 10th house Sun, that wanna show in public, being adventurous, take risks, and do what you want with spontaneity.

I can make mistakes and didn't read all overall chart with aspects etc.., so, don't take it all to seriously.

thank you so much for the throughout look into my chart.

Your work can be linked to "psychic"/spiritual/watery/emotions/healing/metaphysical, etc...
this is something that is said a lot about my work, or my directions no matter the medium. About the connection of the 2nd and 10th houses, I guess I need my work/career/public self (sometimes to the extent of loss of self) to feel satisfied and grounded, it is something that I do value.

the visibility is a confused place and also makes me think: I used to work more with performance, using myself in my work. It just happened naturally but somehow is something that i struggle with. Also the most important romantic relationship of my life was with a photographer/artist. I was photographed a lot and participated in a lot of his projects (I am not that beautiful or aesthetic, still I was all over the place). I am just rambling, maybe none of this is relevant to the aspect. I am also rather shy/scared, but because of my work or by inspiration I easily forget it and do things I never thought of doing.

Jupiter in 4th house mean you need to expand the feeling of "home, family, emotional basis" (+justice (Libra). And Cancer ascendant too.
But these needs oppose your Aries 10th house Sun, that wanna show in public, being adventurous, take risks, and do what you want with spontaneity.
Some sort of conflict in this terms certainly permeates my life, so its interesting that you point it out.

Something that you refer that I had totally overlooked is this jupiter/excess influence and (it is possible that I am interpreting it wrong) after a bit of introspecting I come to think it is somehow important and also are important the ways that I've managed to deal with it.
When younger it was really not helpful, I could easily enter into bouts of pleasure seeking for example, sex and relationships, eating, drinking and other drugs, easily forgetting everything and making a mess of my life. I did quit school once to purse my dreams without any sort of solid or realistic plans. I could dream a bit too big and forget that I am only dreaming and making nothing to follow through. Basically, not taken care of, I have a excess of everything, physical energy, nervous energy, lazyness, devotion, etc.

The way I've dealing with it recently is different from my truly messy previous years. I don't ignore it or try to be moderate, but I use it more strategically. As I said before, I always try to have jobs next to my studies. I study in a very time consuming university and at some point I was working part-time 5 days a week next to it, recently I was working 2 full (12hour days) next to it, leaving me almost no time to concentrate in school and personal projects. So somehow I get more realistic because almost nothing is possible with my time frame, and I accept failing sometimes to crush my ego a bit, but for the most part I manage to do what I want (and not what others want) with some long long sessions of work in any free time I find. Overdoing it in any possible way and excited. I really like (or perhaps need) long long sessions of work that make you forget of yourself and a lifestyle that manages to make you less selfconscious or selfimportant.

Also it is one of the reasons for my study of textile: it is a very time consuming medium. If you want for example to weave a piece, just to prepare a weaving loom you may need 16 hours or more of work and a lot of planning and choices, then you can start your piece. All this mediation and planning forces you to be more realistic somehow.

And thanks for the last remark, I don't take it too serious, but it is a good tool for some self introspection.
Also I don't think success is read through astrology, more in hard work and persistence. But sometimes something is missing and you need some self knowledge to understand what is important for you or accept what comes natural. Also to find ways to deal with your shortcomings..

It was a very throughout analysis, I wonder if you have a similar chart?
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