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Re: career direction

Also small questions/thoughts

My ascendant is cancer and my Moon (ruler of the first house) is in cancer too, no major aspects besides for a trine with pluto.
My sun is in aries and my mars is in cancer in the 12th house, so i guess my 'arieness' is very much weakened or..?

People usually guess that I am a pieces or a scorpio, pieces for the artsy vibe (dont think it is very accurate) and the scorpio I blame on some plutonian influence. I get the scorpio guess mainly because of my artistic work or taste, some secrecy and intuitive way of being.

I am still very arian if I need to do something practical (my random physical jobs yes, that i kinda of like in some sense, some self centeredness, die-hardness, a bit foolish and fun if necessary) and cancer-like (caring, sentimental, day dreaming, sweet person, intuition, concerned with the interior).

My sun is conjuct with my Venus in the 10th house, dont really know who to read this bit?
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