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Re: Trouble with making friends with people from my country?


Ruler of your 7th house (relationships) is Jupiter in 10th house, but it's on the cusp of 9th house too, (house of abroad). I don't know if it's accurate, because for me a planet less than 4 degrees before a cusp is considered like part of next house. But it can maybe have an influence on both.

Moon doesn't like to be in Scorpio because is at fall (But the others Scorpio Moons I know have a lot of friends, so it's may be not a sign problem). Jupiter oppose your Moon. With an opposition, one of both planets want to win

Where Pluto is in a chart, show the area of life where we have issues with our power / and the type of transformations & crisis we can have. Pluto in 3rd house suggests power issues with surroundings & communications. (familiar places and faces). Maybe you have too much fears, or a feeling of not being a part of it. House where Moon is, shows where we can feel most unconfortable, or confortable at, depending on the situations. Yours is between 3rd and 4th house. They can represents your country, city, home, langage and this kind of things

You also have Mercury & Sun in 11th house – internet house/social networks/humanity house.

I have an 11th house Sun too. It's a good placement for friends & groups. During a lot of years, I had a lot of friends & ease with all groups i've met. But i've lost it all now, unhappily. I think it's because of stronger placements and transits. (1st and 12th House kind of things)

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