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Trouble with making friends with people from my country?

Hello, it seems I have trouble making friendhips in my home country or with people from it while abroad. I made many friends from Portugal, USA, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, etc. more easily somehow. Weird, considering that according to AstroClick Travel my country is one of the best places in Europe for me. Or is it? What am I missing? I've weak Jupiter, Mercury and Sun, please see my chart below.

Home city (most of my country is similar, but with a Neptune or Mars aspect lines instead):

Jupiter MC Line (on the weaker, East side)
Sun trine/sextile MC
Pluto trine/sextile AS
Chiron trine/sextile AS

Parans/crossings at the same latitude:
Neptune/Moon's Nodes - the culprit ?
Jupiter/Moon's Nodes
Moon/Moon's Nodes
My map at the birth place of one of my friends I met abroad:

Jupiter MC Line (on the better, West side)
Moon/IC Line - further away at 222 km
Pluto trine/sextile AS
Chiron trine/sextile AS
Sun trine/sextile MC

Parans/crossings at the same latitude:

I have a Moon in Scorpio, so would a place further away from the moon line be more positive for me than my own city above? What is the culprit with not making connections with compatriots despite sharing the same culture and language?
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